The Australian Army

About the Army Relief Trust Fund

Our mission

The Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund (Army Relief Trust Fund – ARTF)) was established under the Services Trust Funds Act 1947. The Act provides that the Trustees shall, subject to and in accordance the Regulations, apply the Fund in providing benefits for members of the Defence Forces who have served in, or in association with, the Army and to the dependants of such members.

Our Strategic Direction

The ARTF’s primary focus is to, wherever possible; enhance the benefits available to eligible persons.

Our Portfolio Structure

The ARTF operates within the Defence Portfolio and reports to the Assistant Minister for Defence.

Our Statutory Appointments

Details of appointments of designated agency officers that are made under Ministerial authority are available from here:

Our Organisational Structure

The ARTF comprises a Board of Trustees appointed by the Responsible Minister. The Board is empowered to engage such clerical and other assistance in the management or administration of the fund as they consider necessary. Currently, the Board is supported by Defence APS staff.

  • Assistant Minister for Defence
    • Board of Trustees
      • Fund Secretary

Governance and Accountability

The ARTF Governance framework endeavours to ensure that the Fund has clearly defines roles, responsibilities and accountabilities, as well as mechanisms to manage and monitor progress and performance, and that the ARTF is accountable to the Government and legislation.