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Relief Loans

Financial relief when you need it most

If you are considering a Debt Agreement – DO NOT APPLY

Relief Loans are intended to assist applicants in solving financial problems without having to borrow money at high interest rates or depend on consumer credit. In general terms, loans will be made available to those experiencing financial hardship or necessitous circumstances, with priority given to cases where the situation has arisen due to unforeseen circumstances or situations beyond the control of the member. There will be no Fund Maintenance Contribution applied to Relief Loans. Loans will not be given to assist those applicants who present a serious financial risk. A debt consolidation loan will generally not be considered as a Relief loan given the small FMC charge.

Financial hardship or necessitous circumstances can be defined as a situation where a member, at a point in time, does not have sufficient personal financial resources to be able to provide the basic living requirements, including such items as accommodation, food, clothing and, in certain circumstances, transport and medical expenses.


Relief Loan conditions

  • An applicant needs to have completed Initial Employment Training or have served at least 12 months.
  • Relief Loans do not attract a Fund Maintenance Contribution.
  • Your Supervising Officer is an important part of the ARTF’s formal loan process.
  • Your Supervisor  will review your application to validate your employment details and, in conjunction with the Fund Secretariat, determine if the loan request is approved. Note that your Supervisor comments add value and are necessary to assist the Fund Secretariat in the approval process.
  • Remember you are required to check the progress of your application.
  • In all cases, applications are considered on their merits and in the context of funds availability. There is no guarantee that a loan will be approved.
  • Repayment is deducted from a members pay at a rate which will fully repay the loan within a maximum period of two years. The Secretariat actions all transactions associated with the Army Relief Trust Fund.
  • Members can calculate the repayment rates for a loan by using the loans calculator on this website.
  • Members can only have one loan at a time.
  • top-up loan or second loan may be considered by the ARTF Secretary in exceptional circumstances. Please consult the Fund Secretary before submitting. Note that there may be times during any given year where top ups will not be considered due to the volume of applications.
  • Should a member be currently under a debt agreement or bankruptcy arrangement the application will be rejected until such time as the member can provide written evidence that they have been discharged from said agreement.
  • If a loan is approved and you continue to have financial difficulty make sure you seek advice and understand the consequences insolvency or bankruptcy has on your future credit and if it could affect your career prospects.  The Australian Government Insolvency and Trustee Service Australia web site provides information.
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