The Australian Army

Hardship Grants

Immediate assistance for essential financial relief

Applications for Hardship Grants will normally be to those who have separated from Army or transferred from SERCAT 7 within 2 years of the application. Any request out of scope must be for extreme or dire circumstances and would be reviewed by the Fund Secretary and Trustees.

Trustees consider financial hardship to be a situation where an applicant does not have enough money for basic living requirements (such as utilities, food, car registration but generally not credit card debt, rent or car maintenance) for themselves or their family.

Each case is determined on its merits, but will only be considered after other avenues of assistance have been exhausted. Grants are usually limited to $2,500 on a one-off basis, unless there are exceptional circumstances. Grants may be available to:

  • Ex-members of the Australian Army and their dependants.
  • Current members of the Australian Army in SERCATs 2-5.
  • The dependants of current serving Army members.
  • The dependants of deceased Army members.
  • Ex-partners of Army members.
  • Army members (SERCATs 6 and 7) in exceptional circumstances may be considered.

Support will be provided in the form of direct payment from the Trust to a supplier or service and not in the form of a ‘cash’ grant to an applicant.

To apply for a Hardship Grant complete the Hardship Grant Application and forward to the ARTF Secretary.

An application for a Hardship Grant must include:

  • A detailed summation of the circumstances leading to the application.
  • A detailed financial statement that can be completed by an application (income/expenditure and assets/liabilities).
  • If applicable, a letter of support from an Agency supporting the applicant.
  • If a circumstance involving a serving member, details of Unit support and endorsement of the application by the Chain of Command.
  • Details of where any payment can be directed, if endorsed by Trustees
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